Curved Insulated Walls

PolySteel Warmerwall

Curved Insulated Walls made from Warmerwall

Project: Loughborough University, UK

The impressively curved new student union building adjoining an existing structure at Loughborough University was constructed in only 5 days – very fast indeed considering all the curves had to be hand cut in situ.

Two Installers – 5 days

A team of two installers arrived on site on Saturday morning so as not to cause too much disruption, and while the contractors prepared the ground, the installer’s, with a little help from the site crew, pre cut the curves to a pre determined template in preparation for laying them on Monday morning. Remarkably, they packed up their tools and left on Wednesday evening, job done.

Speed of Build

Students returning after a short break were left scratching their heads and wondering ‘Where did that come from?’ At least they’ll have no problem finding the Student Union bar in the future!

External Finish

An acrylic render was used as the finish to the exterior of the building, providing a clean fresh looking building.

Warmerwall Block Type

For this particular job, the 280mm wide (150mm concrete core and 2 x panels of 65mm wide eps insulation) Warmerwall block were specified for this job illustrating the versatility of the Warmerwall building blocks in any situation.

More Information

To talk through your project, call our UK office on 01242 692335 to speak to an expert about using Warmerwall Insulating Concrete Formwork (ICF).

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Student Union, Loughborough University

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PolySteel Warmerwall



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