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Nudura ICFs have been leading the market in both the UK and globally for 15 years, not only in market share but more importantly, through product innovation. NUDURA forms offer exclusive innovation which allows builders, architects and engineers the ability to build and design commercial and residential structures with greater efficiency. Benefits include flexibility of design, ease of installation, energy efficiency and building occupier comfort.

Award Winning Performance

NUDURA ICFs are global and national award winners. The ‘Curly House’ in West Sussex won best Domestic Newbuild in the ‘sustainability’ Greenbuild Awards 2014 and a second place in the global ICF Builder Awards ‘Large Residential’ category, hot on the heels to a US NUDURA project. Curly House is an exceptional example of how low energy architecture doesn’t equate to design limitations. The project enjoys minimal reliance on fossil fuels and the national grid. The clients’ brief was to design and build a high performing building meeting the family’s contemporary design aspirations, and the requirements of the local planning department; the site is located in an AONB and National Park. The only ICF entered, NUDURA was also short listed for CIBSE’s Energy Saving Product of the Year Awards 2014.

NUDURA Offers Four Hour Fire Protection

NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms offer four-hour fire protection for a minimum 152mm thickness concrete core. Tests show that the system is no more toxic than burning wood and do not pose any risk of exposure to hydrogen cyanide. Our forms have been tested for compliance with EOTA and BBA technical requirements. The foam plastic insulation used in NUDURA systems complies with UK and European Codes. All EPS foam used in our formwork contains a mandatory polymeric based flame inhibiting agent, which is designed to extinguish flame when the flame source is removed from contact with the foam. Read the full Fire Protection statement here

Our Products

NUDURA Plus+ forms
Nudura provides the most diverse selection of forms on the market, all of which are stocked by our distributors in both the UK and in Ireland. Our standard line of NUDURA Plus+ forms meets and beats all other ICFs on the market to attain U-Values as low as 0.05. Suitable for any building application, available in four sizes, 25mm, 50mm, 100mm and 150mm, forms come factory ready for immediate installation and can accept a variety of finishes including stone, render or traditional brick. Some 1.115m2 of the Nudura system can be fitted in one step. No operation and maintenance procedures are required to a NUDURA structure other than external decoration if required.

NUDURA’s innovative design offers all of the key benefits of ICF technology:

  • DURALOK TechnologyTM allows installers the ability to install faster and more efficiently.
  • DURAMAX TechnologyTM allows builders the advantage of installing the largest standard form in the ICF Industry
  • DURAFOLD TechnologyTM comes folded flat, reducing overall transport costs, maximizing storage space on site, simply unfold and stack. The innovative reversible design significantly reduces waste on-site.

NUDURA U-Value Inserts
To increase U Values to meet the specific requirements of any project, are engineered to integrate into any NUDURA FORM. The inserts are available in 3 standard sizes: 50mm, 100mm and 150mm.
Bespoke combinations can be created to provide further insulation value as required and are compatible with all sizes of NUDURA forms. Core sizes range from 100mm to 300mm.

NUDURA’s One Series
The One Series by NUDURA is the industry’s only only multi-link form and offers builders and architects unmatched versatility in one building step for projects designed using ICFs where exposed concrete and insulation are both required e.g. for multi-storey, educational and commercial warehouses. The cost of labour is reduced as there’s no need to strip foam from ICFs when constructing elevator shafts, stairwells and other areas when insulation is not required. For home builders, the One Series is ideal for swimming pools plus other applications where only one side of foam is needed.

At the core of the innovative One Series lies DURA MULTILINK Technology, a newly designed web that offers users the ability to create a wide variety of custom multi-sided form combinations suitable for a variety of building applications from commercial to residential.

Its DURALOK Technology locks forms together by means of a triple-tooth interlock which eliminates the need to tie, glue or to purchase additional clip accessories.

Its DURAMAX Technology offers the industry’s largest standard form on the market, 8 (2438mm) feet long by 18 inches (457mm). You can construct 12 sq. ft. (1.11m2) of wall area in one building step while NUDURA’s 4-way reversible system eliminates waste and the need for left and right corners.

Transition between concrete and foam is seemless, the unique design allows concrete to meet with the outside edge of a NUDURA foam panel. For a smooth interior or exterior surface, DURA MULTILINK Technology web uses smaller attachment points that have been created to prevent webs been visible in the concrete side of the wall. This innovative design features only two small connection points per web that are easily covered and hidden.

Sustainable Credentials

Energy Performance
NUDURA ICF Blocks significantly reduce the amount of carbon emissions, (due to the structures’ high energy efficient levels) and reduce the amount of fossil fuels needed for heating and cooling. At ‘The Curly House’, actual indoor temperature is 24C steady state annually even when the outdoor temperature drops to -16C. Pre-completion testing showed the dwelling achieved 0.2 ACH which is the lowest air change rate that Ecotecture Architects had ever achieved.

NUDURA was specified for the building envelope at the UK’s first ICF School, Wood Green London. John Hill, Apollo’s project manager said that he achieved the best result ever and it was another plus for specifying Nudura; ‘Testing of Block ‘W’ achieved an exceptional 2.18m3/hr. Apollo Education set out to achieve a rating of 5.0m3/hr. Currently, Building Regulations require less than 10.0m3/hr., making the structure almost five times more efficient than the UK standard.’

Improve indoor air quality
NUDURA also eliminates air gaps, minimizing the potential formation of mould growth and draft paths. The end result is an airtight structure that enables a building’s mechanical systems to heat, cool and ventilate the ICF block structure more efficiently, creating a healthier living and working environment for building occupants.

Design Resources

NUDURA design resources for specifiers, designers, installers and operators.
NUDURA offers limitless design capabilities to designers, architects and engineers. The NUDURA Design Specification Guide provides a step by step building approach that allows the design professional to quickly and optimally adapt their building to work with the NUDURA Wall System.

NUDURA provides 24 hour access to over 500+ details that allow designers the ability to easily find the necessary details they need to complete the design process. 

NUDURA also offers a comprehensive BIM Library in the RIBA National BIM Library which allows you to create 3D models of buildings and its components to provide a better visualization and adaptation of the finished product design using NUDURA.

Architecture Today features Nudura ICFs

NUDURA is partnering with Architecture Today in a series of features to explain the measurable benefits of ICFs and the principles and best practice on designing and constructing a superior building envelope. Click here to read more.

Architects CPD Service

A RIBA Assessed CPD: An overview of Insulated Formwork (ICFs) – A Permanent Solution (Seminar) offers
best practice guidelines on designing buildings using ICF technology, Code approvals and installation methods.

Building in the UK

ICF Installation Courses

Looking to change building methods can be a difficult decision. NUDURA makes the decision easy by providing quality training and support! NUDURA ICF Installation courses are held throughout the UK and Ireland by authorized NUDURA distributors.

If you are thinking of building with NUDURA we encourage you to take one of our ICF Installation courses and see how efficient building with NUDURA really is. NUDURA is committed to providing the highest level of ICF Installation training and support, ensuring you get the knowledge you need to get the job done with efficiency and confidence. NUDURA has thousands of trained installers throughout the world who have switched to NUDURA from traditional building methods including other ICF products. The one day course provides you with manuals, DVDs and other installation documentation that you can take with you to have on site for your ICF installation projects.

ICF installation topics include:
• Understanding general ICF installation of NUDURA Concrete Forms
• Placing reinforcement during ICF installations
• Forming of various openings
• Concrete placement and mechanical vibration
• Services installation along with Interior and exterior finish application for ICF Installation courses throughout the UK.


Jean-Marc Bouvier
Director of Sales & Business Development – International

Tel: +44 (0) 1424 844489 or 0800 014 8901


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